Self Care and self love

Why do I bring this up when my page is about fitness?

If you don’t have your mindset right there is no way you can start a lifestyle change. That is exactly the way your mind should think when you go to lose weight. Don’t think of this as a new “diet” because it is not. It is a change of lifestyle because you need to be dedicated to this change.

So let’s start a new journey together:

First, grab a journal and right in it daily. When you wake up right good positive affirmations. At the end of the day write what happened that day. What was a take away from the day was it positive? Keep doing this daily for a week. If you miss a day continue this next week before adding in more.

Second, practice yoga in the mornings and evenings. This is going to allow your body to wake up and be ready for the day. The evening flow will help you relax your body from the day. You only need 15-20 minutes for this flow. Do this the next week once you have the journaling down.

Third, have a food diary. Everything you eat in a day, how did that make you feel after eating it. (No guilt trips) How did your body react to that food (did you bloat, get a headache, ect.) This is where you will learn about your body. Nutrition is a science experiment it is not a one set plan for everyone. Do this after you have the first two down for a week each.

Fourth, have your daily fiber, water, and vitamin intake on point. Go buy a gallon water bottle to keep yourself on track. Make sure to buy fiber that has soluble and insoluble fiber (this means it will not all dissolve when you mix it). My go to brand is Regufit use code: RBFJULIE for a discount. (I only support products I use on a daily bases so my followers trust me.)

Last, be happy and enjoy your day!

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